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Protecting Workforces from the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide – the Need for Flue Gas Analysers

According to the Health and Safety Executive, and their publication of workplace exposure limits as of November 2021, the long term exposure limit for carbon monoxide gas is 20ppm (parts per million) and the short term exposure limit is 100ppm. CO is classified as a toxic substance that can have many adverse, and even deadly, effects on the human body. As a result it is important that workplaces, specifically those in the HVAC industry, are proactive in both their understanding of the risks of CO, and the ways in which they can protect their staff and customers from it.

Demystifying Flue Gas Analyser Calibration

For plumbers, heating engineers and boiler manufacturers, staying abreast of the products and concentrations of pollutants created within any given environment is incredibly important. The crucial work undertaken is key to ensuring yourself, your colleagues, wider teams and customers, as well as the environment you work within, are protected from the potentially toxic pollutants created within HVAC systems.

Why Gas Detection is Crucial in Farming and Agriculture

The farming and agriculture sector plays an irreplaceable role in our lives, reliably bringing an array of crops, fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products to our tables and businesses every day. However, due to the processes involved, this industry is also confronted by regular toxic gas risks, which have unfortunately recently led to the deaths of some well-known public figures. As well as seeking to utilise less hazardous, alternative materials within farming and agricultural processes, it is down to those in the sector to implement reliable and robust monitoring and gas detection equipment to stay abreast of the gas levels in each environment.


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