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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I still get my Sprint V analyser calibrated?

We can no longer support the Sprint V range as the spares are now obsolete; and would therefore recommend replacing the unit with a new Sprint Pro range model. We would be happy to advise which model may best suit your requirements.

2. Why do analysers need an annual calibration?

Your FGA is used to set up various appliances in your customer’s homes and work places. If these appliances are not set up correctly they will not be operating at their most fuel efficient, or worse still they could be producing high concentrations of potentially lethal carbon monoxide gas. The annual calibration of your FGA ensures that the tool you use to do this important safety critical job is as accurate as possible, so that the appliances you install and service are left running efficiently and safely. The British Standards BS7967 and BS EN:50379 call for your flue gas analyser to be in calibration when used, the HHIC state in their guidance on using an FGA for the commissioning of newly installed appliances that this work should only be done with an analyser with an up to date calibration status. Ask your Gas Safe Register Inspector if it’s okay to use an FGA outside of calibration and guess what he or she will tell you?! In short you should not be using an FGA without an in-date calibration certificate. If caught you may need to revisit all your jobs where you’ve used it outside it’s calibration date; your Gas Safe Register registration may be at risk (Inspectors will expect you to be able to demonstrate you’re using an in date calibrated instrument), or worse than all of that should an out of date flue gas analyser be found to have been used on an appliance that is the subject of an incident investigation, then the penalties and consequences could be far more serious.

To repeat, annual service and calibration is mandatory and vital to the safe operation of the FGA and under no circumstances is it worth the risk of using one outside of its calibration date: To help safeguard you from all the above risk, Anton’s policy is for all our analysers to prevent use of the safety critical FGA functions once the calibration due date has passed, i.e. you won’t be able to use the FGA functions of the analyser once the calibration due date has expired. The instrument gives you a warning message on the start-up screen when it’s within 1 month of its calibration due date, and the calibration due date is on the calibration label on the instrument and printed on every report you create, so you get plenty of warning to assist with making arrangements to get it serviced and calibrated.

We also have to replace consumable parts, such as oxygen and carbon monoxide sensors at routine intervals. The annual calibration and service allow us to change the sensors at the appropriate time to ensure accurate readings.

3. Why does my FGA lock out when its calibration is expired?

The British Standards BS:7967 and BS EN:50379 state that an FGA should only be used with a valid calibration status. The HHIC state in their guidance on using an FGA for the commissioning of newly installed appliances that this work should only be done with an FGA with an up to date calibration status.

To help safeguard you from the risk of using an out of calibration FGA, Anton by Crowcon have introduced a lock-out on their analysers after the calibration due date has passed: This is not for financial gain but out of necessity due to industry demand for us to be able to offer an average service charge, and to also protect both the engineer and your customers from the potential issues that could be caused by using an analyser that has an expired calibration date.

Anton by Crowcon require the analysers back on time each year so that the sensors in the instruments are running in harmony with the analyser calibration certificate date. This protects our customers from having a valid certificate on their analysers but sensors failing early causing inconvenience and extra charges.

The analysers do provide an on screen warning that calibration is due soon, this warning starts 30 days before the calibration certificate expires to provide adequate time for the engineer to make arrangements for annual calibration / service.

4. Where do I send my Anton by Crowcon FGA for service and calibration?

Book your service direct with our new online booking system by clicking here, shop.crowcon.com.

Our E-commerce platform is available for Service bookings 24/7 and features DPD express drop off and DPD express return delivery at no extra charge.

Calling Sprint eVo customers!
Calling Sprint eVo customers!
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