Our Partnership with Westward Instruments 


With over 50 years of collective experience, Westward Instruments is a small, family-run business dedicated to delivering top-quality service at an accessible price point for their customers across the South West. The team, consisting of 7 engineers and 2 administrative staff, are committed to prioritising service and calibration that delivers exceptional value to clients. Drawing on their extensive expertise in both electronic and mechanical fields, they offer comprehensive assistance to ensure clients maintain control of their operations.

Views on HVAC

Westward Instruments recognise the importance of calibration, a process that goes beyond mere functionality to establish a foundation of trust in equipment reliability and performance. Westwards Instruments’ dedication extends beyond calibration, providing assistance and service to their local community.

Working with Anton by Crowcon

We are delighted to be working with Westward Instruments to provide service and calibration of our products. Our newly established service centre stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, providing comprehensive calibration services across diverse industries.

“Our partnership with Anton by Crowcon has been marked by a strong foundation built on trust and collaboration. The communication has been exceptional, attention to detail exemplary, making them easy to work with. Their support extends beyond the transaction; they provide invaluable assistance to the South West region.” – Damian Knighton Compliance Manager.

Together, we can deliver a one-stop-shop for all calibration needs, driving progress and setting new benchmarks of HVAC excellence across the South West.

Calling Sprint eVo customers!
Calling Sprint eVo customers!
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