Our Partnership with Hamilton Gas Products Ltd.


With over 50 years of dedicated service, Hamilton Gas Products Ltd. has emerged as a distinguished supplier of gas equipment tailored for LPG and natural gas, catering to the UK and Irish markets. Positioned as a leading retailer in the gas industry, Hamilton Gas Products cultivated strong relationships with esteemed clients like Calor Gas, Flo-Gas, and select Electricity Authorities in the UK and Ireland. Hamilton Gas Products not only offers a diverse range of gas products for everyday use but also addresses the specific needs of gas engineers, installers, caravan and motorhome enthusiasts, and the catering industry. This commitment has solidified Hamilton Gas Products as a reliable and comprehensive source of information for gas-related products and HVAC solutions.

Views on HVAC

HVAC systems play a crucial role in the gas industry by providing efficient, reliable and sustainable heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Hamilton Gas Products supply many of the appliances, fixtures and fittings that go into these systems as well as the test gear that is used to maintain and service them. Hamilton Gas Products therefore recognise the importance and need for environmental awareness in the industry. HVAC designs play a crucial role in emissions control and help to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. By providing gas engineers with the equipment they need to maintain these systems, prolongs their life and improves the efficiency of the system overall.

Working with Anton by Crowcon

Our partnership with Hamilton Gas Products spans 13 years, during which we have served as a trusted trading partner, supplying the complete range of Anton by Crowcon test equipment to gas installers across the UK and Ireland. Alastair Hamilton, CEO of Hamilton Gas Products notes “Our long standing partnership with Anton by Crowcon has solidified our standing in the gas industry by having the ability to supply, maintain and calibrate the very best in test equipment for gas installers.” Additionally, Hamilton Gas Products is an approved service centre in Ireland. The full range of Anton by Crowcon products is readily available through their online store at www.gasproducts.co.uk and their showroom situated in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Together, we continue to strengthen our collaborative efforts to meet the diverse needs of gas professionals and contribute to the industry’s growth and excellence.

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Calling Sprint eVo customers!
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