GasSure keeps Scotland warm and safe – with Sprint Pro


In 2004, James Frew Ltd. set up GasSure, which is a comprehensive repair and services scheme for people living in central and southern Scotland. GasSure offers three affordable pay-monthly packages, and these cover the boiler and all appliances in the household to Gas Safe Register standards. More than 65,000 households now have GasSure cover, and rely on GasSure’s engineers to keep them warm and safe, all year round. The firm places a strong emphasis on training (it currently has more than 30 apprentices, and has set up the James Frew Academy), as well as the health and safety of its workforce.

Better service, lower risk, less expense

Given this background, you might expect a company like GasSure to be picky about its equipment – and you’d be right. In particular, GasSure uses Sprint Pro 2 flue gas analysers (FGAs) with the Anton Pro gas escape probe, whenever they service, maintain and
install boilers. ‘No-one wants to be without heat or water for a minute longer than necessary,’ says Neill Hamilton of GasSure, ‘and no engineer wants to risk servicing, maintaining or installing a boiler without the best equipment. We need our analysers to be
as robust and reliable as possible, and with Sprint Pro we have that, and a host of functionality on top.’

In a nutshell

With a fleet of 180 FGAs, GasSure has had plenty of opportunity to assess the differences between devices, and two advantages of Sprint Pro really stand out. ‘Since moving to Sprint Pro we have witnessed a significant improvement in reliability, due to the built-in waterstop filters in the probe, and sensor over-range protection, which has impacted positively on our business,’ says Neill Hamilton of GasSure. In addition, the Sprint Pro has saved the company money, thanks to its multi-function design: GasSure no longer needs to buy as much equipment for its engineers, because the Sprint Pro has all the functionality they need. With just one instrument, GasSure engineers can carry out flue gas analysis, measure operating pressure, conduct let-by and tightness testing, detect gas escapes and more.

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Calling Sprint eVo customers!
Calling Sprint eVo customers!
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